Squid is a fabric with a beautiful, natural feel. Its unique texture makes it easy to care for and suitable for any interior or type of architecture. We have carefully selected six colours to perfectly complement your existing décor.


Beautiful and practical

Squid's unique texture is a result of its production technique. The fabric is woven with polyester threads to give it a soft, warm feel. And it's easy to clean! You can remove stains from yoghurt, jam, chocolate, mayonnaise and others without any problems. Squid is also moisture and heat resistant, and suitable for HR++(+) glass / high-performance glass.Only the black version (Coal) may not be used on this type of glass.


For any interior

Squid's minimalist style means this window decoration suits any interior and type of architecture. The six colours have been carefully selected to match any décor. Be inspired by the Squid effect in Chalk, Bone, Oak, Ash Rock and Coal on the inspiration page.

The simple installation method also means there's no need for any fixtures or fittings. Cover your window with fabric in the easiest way possible.

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