Stefan Bosman, 41


As the hedge around our new-built house is not yet fully grown, we always had a view onto the neighbours’ car parking spaces. We couldn’t easily find a solution, at least not until I saw an ad for Squid on Facebook. I ordered it, and it came quickly. It’s not difficult to install at all, and the problem has easily been fixed, and aesthetically too. "


Gijs Lansdaal


Our company, Bugsout in Helmond, has been a Squid dealer since 2017. We think it’s an excellent product and have recommended Squid to many customers. We hope to be able to supply many more customers with this outstanding product. "


Mieke, 53


" We live in an apartment and our bedrooms face the street with a lot of passers by. When we purchased, there was window film on the windows, and while no one could see in, we could not look out either. It didn’t give the right feeling at all. We don’t want to damage our walls, and want to keep everything neat. Squid has been able to satisfy all of our requirements. We received some samples that helped us to come to a decision on colour, and I carried out the installation myself, without any help. We ordered online, and delivery was flawless."


Annick, 54


We have fitted Chalk to our bedroom window and to one of our kitchen windows. Before that, we had children looking through the window all of the time (there’s a school immediately behind our garden). Since we fitted Squid, we have a real sense of privacy, and it remains nice and bright inside. It’s been a great solution for us, plus it’s quick and easy to fit. "